What we can do for you

The USA Global Office of Non Profit Developer 501c3 Experts  is dedicated to creating and assisting  non -profit organizations and small businesses every where to develop, grow, and excel their organization efficiency. We work with diverse organizations and small businesses, each maintaining different budgets and needs. OND is committed to providing their clients with individualized, excellent quality services.

                                                                          WHAT WE WILL DO FOR YOU
1. Provide consultation services
2. Complete 501 (c) 3 application packets
3. Obtain State Seal
4. Work with you and/or organization until you have IRS tax-exempt status
5. Build business plan
6. Locate foundations
7. Apply for grants and foundations for funding Services

USA Global Office Of Non-Profit Development provides guidance, grant writing, marketing development, web-design, leadership development, consultation and peer networking connections to other non-profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest area and Nationwide.

Grant Writing
We have the tools, training and experience to develop the highest quality grants. Not only can we write and publish a full grant package for you, but we also research and identify funding opportunities, locally and nationally  for your organization.

501(c)3 Training
Many nonprofit organizations either struggle to get started or have no idea where to start. And once started, the question then is how to sustain their operations. OND offers 501(c)3 training to help build your organization capacity to effectively operate and assist you with sustaining the dream that prompted you to start the organization.

Global Vision

USA Global Office of  Nonprofit Experts Goal is to recruit, train, establish in every state , city in America and Abroad 501(c)3 Developers who will in synergy as Teams  bring change to Urban America through Nonprofit 501(c)3 Enterprises.The strategy to counterattack the struggle of poverty impoverish communities is ” Phase 1″  Raising up new nonprofit business developers, Phase 2″ Land Grants, ” Phase 3″ Plant Credit Unions, schools, childcare agencies, housing developments, credit repair, family services, colleges, juvenile services, elderly homes, to help the global citizens, American soldiers and families in Crisis to eradicate the face of poverty in the earth. Get involved as an agent of change by becoming a  Developer in your city. Contact the President now at 206 898 8685.