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CEO Dr. Israel P. Barsh

We are calling on Leaders in churches, Government sphere, Corporations to collaborate with an assignment to Govern together in this Nation, and impacting urban communities!
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Everything I needed was completed on time and with precision. Dr. Barsh really help me and my family get our business off our feet and started. Thank you


I've known Prophet Israel Barsh for some many years (about 7) now and he has not changed. He strongly believes in God's people "Shifting" not just to another level but in all areas of life that we are walking. Prophet has a Word that "shrills" to your bone. I can say he has been a friend, not just acquaintance or associate. He has worked and shared with me many years now, awaiting my season in God. Pushing and exhorting me forward to higher places in Christ. I was inspired by Prophet with one of my ministry in work pages called, "Kingdom Builders and Christian Societal Shape Shifters". he doesn't know but Prophet really got me in the Shifting!!!!!!!!!!!! mode, as he would exclaim this consistently to my brains. Prophet IS eccentric !!!, as often I had told others, but it is that thing that makes his ministry on edge, crisp, dramatic, and unrelenting in the Word that he puts out there. He is bold, bodacious, audacious, unrelenting, intense loving, relentless, unyielding and unwavering. I just want to thank Prophet for his friendship and I appreciate all that he has said and demonstrated unto me. Thank you Prophet. God's love be with you and Resa . Love you both.
Carol Littleton

Seattle Testimonial (Exempt Service)

Dr. Israel Prince Barsh has provided me exemplary guidance and structure along with helping me get my 501c3 company "NextUP Youth" up and running. Before I started working with Dr. Barsh, I had heard many stories of how hard and legally challenging it was to get a non-profit started but with his guidance and immense knowledge of the laws and paperwork necessary to complete the application, it was refreshingly easy. It wasn't just getting my company started that was the most important. It was Dr. Barsh's belief, confidence, and guidance that he gave me along the way that helped steer me in the right direction. I would recommend anyone interested in starting up their own 501c3 or just in need of some personal guidance, to follow Dr. Barsh's teachings and put trust in him and yourself to achieve great things in your life.
Sonya Michele Thomas-Dean CEO of SoulPrint Productions Design Studio and Dream Cast Management

Tacoma Testimonial

It's been a privilege to work side by side with Dr. Israel Prince. His leadership and training has prospered my web-presence development business in so many ways. Non-profit and "for-profit" businesses alike can face many challenges when it comes to starting and maintaining a business. You'll find great mentors with OND to guide you through the gray areas.
Vicky Currie Attorney at Law (253) 381-6927 President of OOTADC (Out of The Ashes Development Council)

Florida Testimonial

Dear Dr. Israel Prince Thank-you for your assistance in helping us to obtain our 501(c) (3). We have our non-profit status and we are looking forward to working in the Kingdom of God. God has revealed to us how this vehicle will be used in the End-time Transfer of Wealth. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akili Xzavier Williams (754) 234-0918 CEO of Consults in Transition Services

Oregon Testimonial

Thank you so much Prophet. For igniting,mentoring,and assisting me with this era of ministry. I'm so excited about what is transpiring. I highly recommend anyone who has a heart for humanity and a zeal for God to contact Dr. Barsh.
Carol Littleton Director of Diversity (253) 229-2062 Portland Community College â Cascade Portland, OR President/CEO â MOVE Community Development Agency "Making Opportunities a Visible Evolution"